Compiling C to neat Z80. Is that even possible.

By Madram / Overlanders. So, what is a calling convention? Look at CPC firmware routines (BC80 aka cas_in_char and co). The input (which registers are taken, what is the role of each), output and resulting flags are described, in what we could call now an API. That’s not a calling convention!

La Lypémanie Vaut Mieux

By Madram / Overlanders. After having tried psilocybin, I developed two peculiar hobbies. Cleaning my room and porting languages on the Zilog Z80. One way to do the latter is to compile the language’s interpreter/compiler/virtual machine/whatever (often in C) to Z80. You read it right: cross-compilation.

Rosetta Sugar. J’apprends à coder AVEC mon CPC.

By Madram / Overlanders. Here begins a serie of articles dedicated to programming languages, already existing on the CPC (BCPL, Forth, Turbo Pascal, …) or good candidates for ports on the CPC (Smalltalk, Lua, J, …). I don’t plan to investigate BASIC compilers since I find BASIC unattractive. My CuPidCoder standards are pretty high. Here […]

Easy integration of Arkos Tracker 2 player with CPCTelera

By Arnaud. French version of this article is available on Arkos Tracker 2’s website! The objective of this tutorial is to use music and sounds created by Arkos Tracker 2 with the CPCTelera development environment. Many games use this environment, for example the winner of CPCRetroDev 2020 The abduction of Oscar Z (Dreamin`Bits), Sorcerers (SalvaKantero) […]

Hash algorithms

By Grim. A hash function computes a number from an arbitrary block of data. This number, called hash value, hash code, digest, or simply hash, can be used to quickly index a fixed-size table called a hash table.

À la découverte du mode cache d’iMPdraw

Par AsT / iMPACT. Depuis quelque temps maintenant, ou plus précisément depuis la sortie de la version publique (iMPdraw_201013f), nous travaillons avec l’équipe iMPACT sur l’ajout d’une nouvelle fonction dans iMPdraw, la mémoire cache. iMPdraw, c’est quoi donc que cette bête ? Et bien, pour faire simple, c’est un logiciel de dessin/retouche en fullscreen qui […]

Fast decimal scoring system

By Grim. In games where every cycles count, the score is one of the many tiny things to take care of. The most cycle-consuming score-operations usually are converting the score value from binary to decimal and displaying that decimal value on screen.